EÒLAS Training Solutions Ltd 

About EÒLAS Training Solutions Limited

EÒLAS Training Solutions Limited are all about the people and their ongoing development!

Our people, your people and all of the individuals out there who are looking to improve themselves, their lives and their career prospects. EÒLAS Training Solutions Limited are extremely passionate about making a positive difference to people’s lives by either delivering company design/specifc programmes in an Associate Trainer capacity or by providing excellent learning programmes and opportunities. We act as Associate Trainers, Training  & Assessment Designers as well as carrying out Training Need Analysis on training products you may have.  We can also assist with creating study plans for those who are undertaking any form of education or vocational training. 


· To provide bespoke training tailored to meets each client’s needs.

· To empower clients with the knowledge that shapes and directs their business pathways

· To ensure flexibility by delivering varying training packages that , meets the dynamic needs of clients

· Provide quality services that meet regulatory standards and improve the standard of care services

· Creating a learning environment that provides innovative and exciting learning experience for all learners and staff


To be the preferred and most trusted client -focused flexible training provider ; thus providing bespoke training, learning development and qualifications that meets each company’s goals and aspirations.